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Lisa Mandelstein: Calendar

Oct 26, 2012 High Street Station Cafe Alameda California
Apr 4, 2012 Burke's School
Feb 24, 2012 Dolores Park Cafe San Francisco California US

Wow! What a night! It felt so good to be out playing music with Jeannie and Kelly. It was a packed house, a tight set and a glorious Mission night. The other bands were fabulous - tight harmonies, cool riffs and rhythms . . . hope to be at it again soon! Thanks to all who came out, bought a CD, brought a friend! See you soon!

2012 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco California US
Apr 3, 2011 Alyce's Tea Party San Francisco California
Oct 8, 2010 Red Vic Sessions San Francisco California US
Apr, 2010
Jan 23, 2010 PineHeavenFarm House Concerts Presents in Montclair (Oakland) CA

HUGE THANKS to all who came out to the PineHeavenFarm concert! We had a full house and a full evening of songs. And some great potluck!

What a blessing to get to sing with the amazing Kelly Takunda Orphan and Jeannie Mckenzie. It was so great to hear the songs with all the overlapping parts and harmonies I can only imagine on my own! Two standouts for me were "Yom Kippur Song" (write my name in the book of light) and "Grace Peeks In" (over and over and over, over and over and over, day turns to night, night back to sun and clover ----- over, Grace and learning, keep me turning)

Kelly's percussion was so tasteful and tasty. And Jeannie's fiddling was hot!

We had so much fun we're hoping there will be another opportunity to collaborate soon. If you would like to host a house concert in your own home - get in touch - we would love to share the music with your friends and neighbors. House concerts are the newest happening way to hear music.

Sep 20, 2008 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco CA
Aug, 2008 recording project in the works
Jun 30, 2008 On the Corner San Francisco CA
May 25, 2008 Wichita House Concert Wichita KS

Linda and Barney are such generous people. They had just hosted Storyhiil the week before and still offered to have a concert for me. It was a delight to play for their friends and get to hang out. The concert was a real social event. I probably spent almost as much time telling stories as playing and it was a good time. In the living room was a wonderful old upright - just perfect for the blues tunes and "Grandma's Piano." Perched on top was a 3D copper replica of the famous vaudeville era auditorium in downtown Wichita. The best part of their house was the front porch - wide and deep with a swing and a couch and a clay fire chimney. After everyone went home we sat out there late with rain and lightening dancing around - we were dry and cozy with just a hint of cooling breeze. Linda and Barney played songs and we talked, talked, talked. I hope to get back that way soon and so appreciate everyone who joined my music list that night and took a CD home. In the morning, after some killer pancakes, it was a cool ride back.

Thanks Boog, for the ride and the company and everything.

May 24, 2008 Jackpot Saloon & Music Hall Lawrence KS

I clicked my red shoes 3 X's, landed in Kansas (well, KCI) and the magic started happening!

When I arrived on Friday for the fabulous pre-concert jam night at Dick and Cheryl Powers, old friends with smirks on their faces kept asking "are you the FAMOUS Lisa Mandelstein ?" People I didn't even know kept asking me to tell ALL about my adventures with the Grateful Dead and going on about how they always loved my music. Hmmm, It was all a bit confusing, since I was mostly a shy jug and flute playing back up singer back then. Then I saw the amazing article the Lawrence Journal World had printed that day about the Reunion event!

Here's the link -
There are some fun pictures - and except for the line where my story about performing (clapping and back up vocals) with Hamza El Din at the 10 year anniversary tribute concert for Jerry Garcia held at Berkeley's Greek Theater morphed into "contributed live backing vocals to The Grateful Dead " the rest of the article is pretty spot-on and a fun read!

What a treat to see so many old friends and make new friends among these amazing musicians. Whoever knew we would all still be playing music 25 years later? People were perched in every nook and cranny of the yard and house, either trying to work something out for the following night's show or just jamming. A spontaneous a capella sing-along in the kitchen started with Deborah Pine of Lila, old timey tunes took over the back yard, Julie Hume was laying down some powerhouse bass while Marianne Carter ran around adding gorgeous fiddle licks and harmonies. While most folks went home at a reasonable hour, a few of us die-hards retreated to Dick's 'man cave' - a room lined with antique and novelty beer cans and bottles - where we shot stories back and forth til late in the night.

DAY OF SHOW: We wrestled a Clavinova out of the university radio station and over to the Jackpot. Folks started gathering and soon there was music everywhere, behind, out front, in the bathrooms, and even - yes - on stage! 19 acts, fire juggling and more and it all managed to stay fairly on time. I played a solo set (Post Mortem, G-Ma's Piano, End of the Story and Amber Locket) and then Dick Powers, Mark Lumpey Julie Hume and I came on a bit later for a mostly political set (Dick's "Gonzo Economics," Julie's "Adios, Auf Wedershein," my punk reggae style "Blow up the World" and Dick and Marks' "Sensitive Guys." It was a hoot! I played kazoo, egg shaker, threw in a few harmonies! It was a Queskin style jug band jubilee!

For the whole evening run down, head on over to the Climax site:
It was such a great time, great music, great folks! Thanks to all my old friends who came out to say hello - Kay and family from KC, Karen A., Mark Parker, Anne Underwood . . . .

And HUGE thanks to Doug and Bayliss who envisioned the whole event and made it happen!

May 16, 2008 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco CA

First leg of my "No Place LIke Home" Tour started off in my current town with this show in San Francisco at Bazaar Cafe. I played a good fat set with many of the old favorites from "Hide and Seek," and then Karmen Buttler, accompanied by her Dad, played a foot stomping mesmerizing mix, all to a cozy crowd.

Jan 27, 2008 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco CA

What a crazy show! Alex completely lost his voice and we couldn't find anyone to sub so Jeannie and I got to play all night! Oh darn! Old ones, new, sad ones, sure ones - it was a great evening with a passle of young'un's up past their bedtimes.

Oct 14, 2007 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco CA

A sweet, sweet night of gorgeous tunes. I shared the eve with Sonya Hunter and Eric Pearson. Jane showed up and sang harmonies on a few songs during their second set. Shivers of delight. A big bunch of my school kids sang "Get Along Here" to end the first set.

Apr 29, 2007 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco CA
Mar 18, 2007 Caffe Trieste San Francisco CA
Nov 4, 2006 Galaxy Music Theatre Santa Ana CA
Oct 21, 2006 KDBS San Francisco CA United States
Oct 19, 2006 Mama Art Cafe San Francisco CA
Oct 9, 2006 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco CA

Liz Keefe: Photo Collage - Artist Reception, Bazaar Cafe 10/09/06
What a happy night! Lots of folks looking at lots of art. Great jazz and Greek tunes by Kevin Gerzevitz on piano and accordion. I played to a rambunctious audience; and - the Mystery Man from Portland showed up with a huge bouquet - I shared with Liz! Her photos will be at the cafe through October so stop by and check them out.

Oct 6, 2006 Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast & Art San Francisco CA United States

The RED VIC SESSIONS, Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast & Art Cafe 10/06/06
Tomato Pie! Tomato Pie! You must go and have the Tomato Pie! All right - first the music report - the show was sooooo fun! Jeannie McKenzie played fiddle; we had groovy abstract video clips playing behind us; it was the premiere for "Tiptoe 'Cross the Dark;" all the other performers were great; and there was a strong LisaM crowd in attendance. The Cafe has such a great vibe - comfy tables and chairs, a real stage, a real piano. And, the owner of the cafe is an amazing chef! All the food there is made from his original recipes - so I'll say it again - you must have some Tomato Pie - tantalizing flaky pie crust, fresh basil leaves, organic everything, and a creamy cheesy fluff that is so much better than any quiche. Ahhhhh!

Jan 27, 2006 Larkspur Cafe Theatre Larkspur CA

Dear Friends, I'm finally coming down from clouds of happiness to say - I am so grateful to all of you who came out to the Larkspur Cafe Theatre Show on January 27th; grateful to Erma and Daniel at the theatre for taking a chance on me, grateful to the Marin IJ for picking me as the "Best Bet!" for a Friday night of music.

And - What an amazing night you helped create!

The show - a sold-out standing-room-only crowd of supporters, dreamers, encouragers - friends, new and old! Your beaming, singing selves shimmering in the candle light beneath a starry sky was this songwriter's dream come true. The great sound, the lights, the grand piano - I always thought that was how it could be! Let's make this a yearly tradition!

HUGE Thanks to the band - Jeannie McKenzie with her spirited fiddling and singing; Daniel Fabricant's rich bass lines and Michael Arrow's "right there" drumming - man, you all sounded great! What a pleasure to play together! And * Thanks to the special guests * Tom Meshishnek on banjo, piano and guitar; Kelly Takunda Orphan (check her website for more inspiring original music) who lent her amazing voice and spirit on "Hide and Seek."

The journey continues - during this break I will be "stoking the fire" - hopefully recording some of those new songs from the second set - and back to playing shows come summer. Please keep your eye out for the occasional emails. Look for pictures of the show (taken by the fabulous Tom Erikson) at the website soon. And stay in touch - share the music with your friends.

My heart is full, full
Full as the fat moon of second chance
Singing on a bay of golden clouds

May music feed all our hearts! See you soon, LisaM

Dec 4, 2005 "The Occasional Sufi" Artists' Salon Vallejo CA

It was a cozy fun afternoon in a real treat of a spot, “The Listen and Be Heard Cafe.” Tony, the owner has a real knack for creating a space where you just want to stay and stay, he knows how to run sound and also makes the most divine coffee drinks. Huge thanks to Hadi Reinhertz who envisioned the day, invited a great crowd of friends and even cooked for everyone (he makes a mean tureen of chili)! I spoke about Tookie Williams (may all beings find peace) before playing “Someone Else’s Crime,” Deborah Thomson added harmonies on “Thankful!” and then Forest Sun played his set. You gotta hear this guy - amazing lyrics, funky guitar picking and a brilliant presence. What a great afternoon! I hope to share a bill with Forest again soon!

Oct 23, 2005 Eugene House Concert Eugene OR

Amidst stone Buddhas, sparkling crystals, painted angels and glimmering candlelight we played a great night of music. I got scared when almost everyone got up to leave right at the start til I realized they were headed for the dining room to dance. It was quite a scene - the most dancing ever at a LisaM show - also the first known instance of a bootleg recording (I'm still waiting for my copy, hint, hint). After the music it was into Petra’s backyard hot tub. After one extremely early breakfast we headed home. But I'll be back in Eugene this summer.

Oct 22, 2005 Canyonville Pumpkin and Music Celebration Canyonville OR

Well, it was a gorgeous day - crescent golden leaves raining to the ground as gentle breezes waltzed the sunny skies. A lot of folks from last summer's house concert showed up to cheer and sing along from the bleachers. Since our set was during the contests we band folks didn't get to enter the seed-spitting competition or the pie-eating one either (I know Jeannie and Yari were very disappointed about that). We performed under a sturdy, cement outdoor stage shaped like a log cabin while judges paraded by, grading the carved pumpkins lining the stage’s edge. Afterwards we were treated to real German potato salad and sauerkraut. And, how often can someone brag that they opened for a show called "Scoop on Poop?" (Hopefully only once.) It was grand fun in a real ‘hometown’ sort of way. Huge thanks to Patti for inviting us up. I was so glad to see folks again and hope to be back!

Oct 21, 2005 Unitarian Center of Ashland Ashland OR

What a heartfelt night! The Ashland center looks like the inside of an ark with bent wooden beams. James Keelaghan is an intelligent, thoughtful writer on subjects that matter; with songs covered by Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky, and Richard Shindell to name just a few. After hearing "Grandma's Piano" in my opening set, he played "Kiri's Piano" (his song about Japanese internment in WWII). James is wickedly smart and funny. Afterwards, he treated Jeannie and me to our first (and perhaps only) "Spotted Dick" at the English pub on Ashland's main square. His parting encouragement - "You're really good - keep going" reverberated over the next helter-skelter days-days filled with backtracking, huge gasoline bills, tiny tip jars, forgotten items and unusual circumstances.

Oct 14, 2005 SF Theosophical Society San Francisco CA
Oct 7, 2005 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco CA

This turned out to be a great jam! There was a great contingent of girls form my school who came out to cheer me on and sing "Get Along Here" in the lights of the Bazaar 'stage' during my first set.

Alex had two amazing musicians playing with him on bass and percussion (including an Indan clay pot!). We had a great time swapping songs. Hopefully you'll be hearing more from these guys. I loved their sound. And, Alex was sounding like a regular jam band!

Sep 17, 2005 Bazaar Birthday Brunch San Francisco CA

Aw! What a sweet way to celebrate my birthday and Bazaar Cafe's Anniversary as well. Thanks to the whole crew who showed up to eat bagels and drink champagne. And the whole Bazaar weekend was amazing. My personal favorite was hearing Vienna Teng do a solo set in that small cozy spot. Or maybe it was Ira Marlowe's song to Les. Or was it Blame Sally? or Gail Lynn's song about the whiskey? To all - Thanks and Wow!

Aug 26, 2005 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco CA

Wow! This was a fun night. Tom Meshishnek joined us on guitar and piano. We had a sweet crowd assembled by the time the three of us took the stage for a song trade - I played piano for Alex's "The Little Things" - there was a mad guitar scramble on my newest tune "End of the Story." I added some harmonies and some shaking potato. It was a real fun time!

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