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Lisa Mandelstein: Links

Christopher K / Seven Generations Studios
Christopher is the producer who made so many of the tracks on "Hide and Seek" came to life. And, he is the arranger of the JPF nominated "Post Mortem!" Check out his studio, Seven Generations, in West Marin - an amazing place to record. Amazing ears, giant heart- he is the greatest!
Blame Sally
This band is an inspiration! Band members Pam Delgado and Jeri Jones both played on Lisa's Hide and Seek CD! Check them out! Amazing harmonies plus Monica Pasqual's gorgeous piano songs and Renee Harcourt's groove factor!
Kelly Takunda Orphan
Kelly's CD "Takin' it to the People" is healing and dancable w/ strong percussion grooves, her glorious voice and empowering lyrics! She sang some vocals on Lisa's CD.
Alan L. Lin
It's Alan's violin tracks on the cover track of "Hide and Seek." Check it out!
Bazaar Cafe
a great spot in the Richmond District of San Francisco dedicated to original music
Alex Walsh Music
Alex is a great friend and terrific SF songwriter - "Roots Rock meets Brit Pop in San Francisco" - dancable, FUN stuff!
Northern California Orff Schulwerk Association
This is a group of music teachers in which I am very involved. The chapter hosts 3 workshops a year on subjects of interest to music, movement and classroom teachers. If you know me through my teaching life and are interested to find out more; this is the site to check out!