Intimate, Dreamy Folk-pop Originals Whether on piano or guitar, Lisa's jazz-tinged chords, modal melodies, and finger-picked accompaniments evoke the style of Laura Nyro and Joni Mitchell. Influences ranging from New Orleans blues to Celtic ballads weave through her songs, creating an intimate original style. With a voice that whispers and soars she invites you by to visit and dream with lyrics that resonate like the best short stories. Lisa's song "Post Mortem" was a finalist in the Just Plain Folks national song contest. She performed with Hamza El Din, Mickey Hart and The Dead at the tribute concert for Jerry Garcia held at Berkeley’s Greek Theater, and opened for Canada’s award winning songwriter James Keelaghan. Cee Moon has featured Lisa on her music show “Tip of My Tongue” and named her as a hot pick for up and coming San Francisco artists in her arts review column. “Hide & Seek,” Lisa’s debut CD is a vibrant, moody, lyrical mix with haunting vocals, ethereal harmonies, innovative writing on guitar and piano and intimate, richly textured production. Patrick Simms of SF’s Independent Creative Artists Network (ICAN) said, “Lisa Mandelstein has written the soundtrack to a heart on the mend, three days past anger, depression and regret. Lisa's songs are about falling in love with the ordinary day-to-day of living and finding beauty, art and reassurance where you can.” In her own words, Lisa loves "the hunt for the next new song. A story, situation or picture emerges which isn't exactly me anymore but still rings true — for each listener in their own way." And for three years Lisa hosted the San Francisco Songwriters’ Group, dedicated to supporting songwriters and songcraft. Intimate, personal, politically and socially aware, Lisa's music has a peeled back honesty that might just reveal and heal you. All in the time it takes to down a cup of java, or twirl across a barroom floor.