Report Back-No Place Like Home Tour

LISA MANDELSTEIN MUSIC - The Report Back So Far - Summer '08 * * * * * * * * * * * The "No Place Like Home" Tour started off in my current town with a show in San Francisco over at Bazaar Cafe. I played a good fat set with many of the old favorites from "Hide and Seek," and then Karmen Buttler, accompanied by her Dad, played a foot stomping mesmerizing mix, all to a cozy crowd. * * * * * * * * * * * Next I clicked my red shoes 3 X's, landed in Kansas (well, KCI) and the magic started happening! Climax Festival 25 Year Reunion Concert 5/28/08 Jackpot Music Hall in downtown Lawrence, KS When I arrived on Friday for the fabulous pre-concert jam night at Dick and Cheryl Powers, old friends with smirks on their faces kept asking "are you the FAMOUS Lisa Mandelstein ?" People I didn't even know kept asking me to tell ALL about my adventures with the Grateful Dead and going on about how they always loved my music. Hmmm, It was all a bit confusing, since I was mostly a shy jug and flute playing back up singer back then. Then I saw the amazing article the Lawrence Journal World had printed that day about the Reunion event! Here's the link - There are some fun pictures - and except for the line where my story about performing (clapping and back up vocals) with Hamza El Din at the 10 year anniversary tribute concert for Jerry Garcia held at Berkeley's Greek Theater morphed into "contributed live backing vocals to The Grateful Dead " the rest of the article is pretty spot-on and a fun read! What a treat to see so many old friends and make new friends among these amazing musicians. Whoever knew we would all still be playing music 25 years later? People were perched in every nook and cranny of the yard and house, either trying to work something out for the following night's show or just jamming. A spontaneous a capella sing-along in the kitchen started with Deborah Pine of Lila, old timey tunes took over the back yard, Julie Hume was laying down some powerhouse bass while Marianne Carter ran around adding gorgeous fiddle licks and harmonies. While most folks went home at a reasonable hour, a few of us die-hards retreated to Dick's 'man cave' - a room lined with antique and novelty beer cans and bottles - where we shot stories back and forth til late in the night. DAY OF SHOW: We wrestled a Clavinova out of the university radio station and over to the Jackpot. Folks started gathering and soon there was music everywhere, behind, out front, in the bathrooms, and even - yes - on stage! 19 acts, fire juggling and more and it all managed to stay fairly on time. I played a solo set (Post Mortem, G-Ma's Piano, End of the Story and Amber Locket) and then Dick Powers, Mark Lumpey Julie Hume and I came on a bit later for a mostly political set (Dick's "Gonzo Economics," Julie's "Adios, Auf Wedershein," my punk reggae style "Blow up the World" and Dick and Marks' "Sensitive Guys." It was a hoot! I played kazoo, egg shaker, threw in a few harmonies! It was a Queskin style jug band jubilee! For the whole evening run down, head on over to the Climax site: It was such a great time, great music, great folks! Thanks to all my old friends who came out to say hello - Kay and family from KC, Karen A., Mark Parker, Anne Underwood . . . . And HUGE thanks to Doug and Bayliss who envisioned the whole event and made it happen! * * * * * * * * * * * The next day I headed out with my dear friend Boog - ex-mayor of Lawrence if I may brag for a moment - through the famous Flint Hills and on down to Wichita. It was a boiling hot day, we had the windows down, green rolling by and the sky - so beautiful! Linda and Barney's House Concert, Wichita, KS Sunday May 25th, 6pm potluck&social/7pm concert Linda and Barney are such generous people. They had just hosted Storyhiil the week before and still offered to have a concert for me. It was a delight to play for their friends and get to hang out. The concert was a real social event. I probably spent almost as much time telling stories as playing and it was a good time. In the living room was a wonderful old upright - just perfect for the blues tunes and "Grandma's Piano." Perched on top was a 3D copper replica of the famous vaudeville era auditorium in downtown Wichita. The best part of their house was the front porch - wide and deep with a swing and a couch and a clay fire chimney. After everyone went home we sat out there late with rain and lightening dancing around - we were dry and cozy with just a hint of cooling breeze. Linda and Barney played songs and we talked, talked, talked. I hope to get back that way soon and so appreciate everyone who joined my music list that night and took a CD home. In the morning, after some killer pancakes, it was a cooler ride back. Thanks Boog, for the ride and the company and everything. * * * * * * * * * * * Well, there were a few hoped for shows that didn't materialize this time through but I got to spend the unexpected free time catching up with folks. Here are a few more highlights! Driving around lost through the corn fields of eastern Kansas in the middle of the night on my way back from visiting Bongo Barry and the family, thunder and lightening shaking the sky - at one point the directions were - as long as you stay on the pavement you're going the right way - if it's gravel you'll know you made a wrong turn (hmmm). Playing songs on Doug DuBois' new Martin guitar. WATCHING the video of Rick Krause Family and Friends (sweet, sweet, sweet harmonies and fiddle playing) from the Jackpot event. Driving around with Jim Brothers (Alferd Packard Band washboard player, nationally known sculptor and all 'round hellraiser) to see a few of his monuments (awe-inspiring). Gooseberry pie - introduced to me by Andrea who also kindly retrieved me from the airport Big Butt Beer - entirely too delicious, even for a Juicy Lucy Gal! Cruising Kansas City with the Ottinger clan, eating drinking and laughing our way through an evening (home grown mint makes the best mojitos!) Lazy mornings drinking coffee with the Powers, made from their amazing coffee machine! Thanks Dick and Cheryl for taking me in, and putting up with me when I locked myself out at midnight - at least it was summer hours! * * * * * * * * * * * Two more planes and I landed in Austin, turning back into plain old "Aunt Lisa" come to celebrate my niece's graduation before she heads off to NYU in the fall. There was big hair (hey, it's Texas!), tubing on Lake Austin, a lot of eating (hey, it's Texas!), a shady hammock and a bunch of rowdy friendly dogs, some fine margaritas (hey, it's Texas!), and playing music around the pond. Now I'm back in San Francisco, thinking about how to get some songs recorded this summer. Thinking about how much I love touring and wondering how all the traveling troubadours will make it with gas prices so high. And, there's this show coming up on the 30th: Lisa Mandelstein/Dan Weir Mon 6/30 7-10 PM at On The Corner 359 Divisadero St (between Oak St & Page St) San Francisco, CA 94117 (415) 522-1101 7:00 Lisa Mandelstein - 8:00 Dan Weir - check his music at I'll keep you posted if there are any further developments! Happy Summer Everyone! Much Love, LisaM * * * * * * * * * * *