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High Street Station's Friday Night Dinner Show!

High Street Station Cafe, 1303 High Street, Alameda, CA

Come on out to this eatery in Alameda for dinner and tunes from 3 songstresses! I'm up from 7-8 followed by Leah and Heather. The place looks like an old victorian; kids are welcome and cozy couches complete the scene.

High Street Cafe's mantra "Come for the Food, Stay for the Music" was inspired by Susan Timney from the flavors and talent stirred into the Cafe beginning in 2009 . . . . innovative specialty items like drunk shrimp tacos & spicy mango salsa or flat bread pizzas topped with local farm offerings + fresh and bold flavors = a dynamic food and music blend! Go to for more info!

More about the music: Heather Normandale's music is an exploration of the space between the earthy, aqueous nature of our physicality with the intangible aspirations of our dreams and subconscious. The body's experience is a beautiful merging of these ideas, as is the intention of the music expressed. The newest unreleased album, Trembling Water, reflects on our relationship with water, dedicated to the water within us and surrounding us in the natural world, with intentions to bring awareness to our responsibility for preserving and respecting it.

Lea Grant’s piano-driven compositions are characterized by jazz-influenced chord progressions, three part vocal harmony, fantastically synesthetic lyrics, and above all, a gorgeous, crystal pure voice.

$10 sliding scale


Spring Concert - Rice is Life

Burke's School

This concert will celebrate the cycles of rice and the beautiful Balinese sawahs (rice terraces) - though Balinese and other songs, instrumental gamelan pieces, movement and shadows - 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students take the stage after a month of working with guest artists from Gamelan Sekar Jaya. Contact Lisa for more information or to attend the concert.


Dolores Park Song Series

Dolores Park Cafe, 18th & Dolores, San Francisco, CA

I'm venturing out to play for the first time in a long while and I hope you'll venture out as well! Kelly Takunda Orphan and Jeannie McKenzie join me on percussion, fiddle and vocals. It's sure to be a fun night. Our set is from 7:30 - 8:30 so come early, grab some good food and a seat. Then stick around for Lea Grant - a powerful singer and upbeat pianist with a great album. Check her out at

Hope to see you there!