Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my music friends and supporters and encouragers, near and far - I hope the new year is treating you well - In this long month - after the holidayhoopla - things settle back down with some space for rethinking 'the way it is' and looking to new horizons - both interior and in the world. I've been missing playing music outside of my school music teaching, and my songs have been getting quite lonely (a bit grouchy if truth be told), shut up in their binders and boxes by my grandma's piano. So - we (the songs and me) are happy to announce an evening of music in the East Bay at the end of this month. I hope you will come over for an evening of tunes (new and old), on Saturday the 23rd, at Jeannie's and Frankie's PineHeavenFarm in Oakland. It's a cozy spot with room for about 40 people. We encourage you to RSVP ASAP to reserve a place. All the details are at the end of this note. Whether or not you can make it on the 23rd, I wish you an easeful year. I'm planning to 1. Ride my bike as much as I can; 2. Clear out and simplify, and simplify some more; 3. Get much more specific about what I want (and don't want); 4. Figure out a better balance between my love of teaching and my love of singing and 'songing' and 5. Remember to breathe in to all the joy waiting in each moment. Good luck with your intentions - may they knock gently but insistently. Much Love and Music, LisaM