Larkspur Cafe Theatre - What a Night!

Dear Friends, I'm finally coming down from clouds of happiness to say - I am so grateful to all of you who came out to the Larkspur Cafe Theatre Show on January 27th; grateful to Erma and Daniel at the theatre for taking a chance on me, grateful to the Marin IJ for picking me as the "Best Bet!" for a Friday night of music. And - What an amazing night you helped create! The show - a sold-out standing-room-only crowd of supporters, dreamers, encouragers - friends, new and old! Your beaming, singing selves shimmering in the candle light beneath a starry sky was this songwriter's dream come true. The great sound, the lights, the grand piano - I always thought that was how it could be! Let's make this a yearly tradition! HUGE Thanks to the band - Jeannie McKenzie with her spirited fiddling and singing; Daniel Fabricant's rich bass lines and Michael Arrow's "right there" drumming - man, you all sounded great! What a pleasure to play together! And * Thanks to the special guests * Tom Meshishnek on banjo, piano and guitar; Kelly Takunda Orphan (check her website for more inspiring original music) who lent her amazing voice and spirit on "Hide and Seek." The journey continues - during this break I will be "stoking the fire" - hopefully recording some of those new songs from the second set - and back to playing shows come summer. Please keep your eye out for the occasional emails. Look for pictures of the show (taken by the fabulous Tom Erikson) at the website soon. And stay in touch - share the music with your friends. My heart is full, full Full as the fat moon of second chance Singing on a bay of golden clouds May music feed all our hearts! See you soon, LisaM

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