PineHeavenFarm House Concert

HUGE THANKS to all who came out to the PineHeavenFarm concert! We had a full house and a full evening of songs. And some great potluck! What a blessing to get to sing with the amazing Kelly Takunda Orphan and Jeannie Mckenzie. It was so great to hear the songs with all the overlapping parts and harmonies I can only imagine on my own! Two standouts for me were "Yom Kippur Song" (write my name in the book of light) and "Grace Peeks In" (over and over and over, over and over and over, day turns to night, night back to sun and clover ----- over, Grace and learning, keep me turning) Kelly's percussion was so tasteful and tasty. And Jeannie's fiddling was hot! We had so much fun we're hoping there will be another opportunity to collaborate soon. If you would like to host a house concert in your own home - get in touch - we would love to share the music with your friends and neighbors. House concerts are the newest happening way to hear music.

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