"There are years that ask questions and years that answer" - Zora Neale Hurston I've been hugging that quote tighter than a life preserver this year's end. Talking to a friend the other day, I was lamenting what to write in my annual "happy new year" posting - it's been a bumpy, introspective time with much I'm still wondering and wandering through. My friend jumped the sadsacksighing with a crackling holler. "Lisa," she yelled through the phone, "you are an ARTIST. Your job is to FEEL, to feel deeply and remind us ALL to feel - your songs DO that and you are doing that. Tell your people that you LEARNED how to sit very STILL; that you wrote some new and beautiful songs, that you fell in love and then had to let it go, are still letting it go. You're doing what you're SUPPOSED TO BE doing and everyone on your list knows and loves you!" So - take it from my friend Malia - I guess things are still okay! A quick rundown of 2007 - the good, the bad, the ugly - for all you rubberneckers! The GOOD! + some great shows, one a real jammer in April with Alex Walsh and Dianne Nola; and the shimmering night last October shared with Sonya Hunter and Eric Pearson; plus Jeannie McKenzie and the Burke's 'choir' filling out my sets. + playing music for my brother Sam and Angie's wedding down in Austin, with great sound thanks to my niece's cool black guitar and the amplifier help from Noel Hampton and Andre Moran (thanks Jacqui!) + three new songs I'm really proud of (and will play at the 1/27 show, hint, hint) THE BAD #1CDBaby's call to send back my CD's 'cause they thought maybe I had closed shop. Hmmph. THE GOOD! So many of you buying CD's that a month later, CDBaby requested another batch! THE BAD #2 Ex-students of mine went to iTunes and wrote extremely ugly 'reviews' (remember when we used to TP our teachers' houses? Well this was like that but on the internet, forever apparently); iTunes won't remove them, which I guess we should be happy about - you know that free speech thing and all - but man, I don't get paid enough as a teacher for all this . . . . SILVER LINING! it turns out any PR is good PR - the flurry of kids writing mean things about me on iTunes led to some downloads and a (very small) check in the mail (ah, the price of 'fame') + the "Juicy Lucy Gal" is back on the set list (read the reviews, listen to the song, you'll understand what I'm talking about) REMEDY? If you will go to the reviews section for my CD, "Hide and Seek" at iTunes (click the small picture of my CD, it will come up again but larger, then scroll down to reviews) you can: a) request the bad reviews be removed ('make a comment about this review'), b) mark the review unhelpful (a toggle at the bottom of each review) which moves it lower in the order shown, c) write a real review of your own to counter the kid ones. . . (& download a copy of the CD if you don't already have it! Actually don't download it - go to my website instead - it's cheaper and just better for us all) I know in the bigger picture, none of this is that bad, but believe me, I'm sparing you a lot of other stuff that went south this year. All I can say is I'm glad last year is over and I hope for a better 2008! Here's wishing you a year of laughter, perspective and finding new energy to follow continuing dreams! I still am so glad to be able to share this music that has been given to me; grateful to everyone who came to a show, bought CDs for friends and called or wrote to say how much the songs mean to you. If this music can make a difference, lift spirits, encourage any of us to keep going; I will be thankful. . . . . the newest song: Dig your feet into the sand Let the water wash you Turn your face into the wind Don't let heartache stop you Walk the circle to the end Diving down and rising Trace the spiral out and in Through the dust and shining Don't ask why Just say try - Refuse to just survive Find your way, day by day Through sunshine, through gray Don't ask why ------ look for the sky Twist the key and lift the bar Let the door fall open Test the hallway through the dark 'Til all is spoken Don't ask why Just say try . . . Hope to see some of you bay area locals on the 27th. Meanwhile, Pray for peace and a Democrat in the White House. Much Love, LisaM

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